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Empower your workplace with customized SharePoint solutions by DotSquares for easy management and collaborations

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For any organization, a smooth flow of content with seamless management is essential. We make that easy with SharePoint solutions tailored to fit your business’s needs.

A DotSquares, we have helped thousands of businesses optimize their work methods with customized SharePoint solutions. With these solutions, you can the change way you manage content in your organization in a way that makes working convenient and enjoyable for all. With our numerous customized SharePoint facilities, you can not only enhance in-house operations but also make the best of collaborations with clients.



We build customized SharePoint intranets to facilitate communication and content management in your work environment that keeps everyone connected throughout the constantly evolving business processes.



With our SharePoint extranets, building strong relationships with stakeholders becomes extremely easy since collaborations with clients and outside connections are better maintained from a central location.


Workflow Management

We ease business processes in a work environment with automated SharePoint actions. Workflow management becomes better and effortless even with complicated tasks.


Document Management

Businesses can’t run without a constant uninterrupted and secure flow of data which is why our document management solutions are designed to make document handling better.



We provide you with a fully functional and intuitive helpdesk that can manage your employees’ requests. The SharePoint helpdesk solution is a smart internal communication system that is a must for your business.


Public Websites

We build public websites with SharePoint that are fully responsive and extremely flexible. With these websites, you can manage all types of content in your internal system while the design makes it easy to navigate for visitors.


Innovation Management

In a business, innovations are born every day. Our SharePoint solutions help you through the whole process of turning innovative ideas into a product with the utmost security.


Knowledge Management

Our SharePoint knowledge management solutions are designed to help you make the best of corporate knowledge in a highly competitive market and use it to your advantage.


HR Management

Manage the HR system of your business with our HR management solutions built using SharePoint that ease the complicated flow of activities and data generated in the processes.


Project Management

Managing projects internally in your team can be easier than ever with SharePoint project management solutions where we implement various features to plan, manage and track phases of a project.

Explore How SharePoint can Improve Your Business

SharePoint is customizable which means you can have a solution that suits your business needs the best. We can help you figure out what will work best for you.

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