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You know that your business will grow faster and better with a system that does it all, like SharePoint.

At DotSquares, we offer complete SharePoint development services to make day-to-day business easier for you. Better data management means better customer experience and educated decision-making. With our SharePoint development services, you can speed up your business processes like never before. From a centralized BI system, reliable CMS to SharePoint integration solutions, we offer a range of SharePoint solutions so it can work along with your existing systems towards achieving your business goal.

SharePoint Solutions That We Offer


SharePoint Document Management System

With our document management system, you can control the cycle of documents in your organization. From creation to publication, managing the cycle of documents through the SharePoint system is easy. Our customized solutions allow you to have a flexible or controlled system as your business requires. We can provide you with a flawless system where storing, extracting, collaborating, and organizing documents can be done in a seamless manner. This is why it is time to ditch your traditional servers and switch to our customized SharePoint solutions.


SharePoint Business Intelligence Solution

With our SharePoint BI solutions, you can transform your business in amazing ways. This specially designed Business Intelligence system makes managing BI content effortless. Data connections, dashboards, reports, and a lot more is here to make data organization uncomplicated. SharePoint BI solution allows you to manage and run your business content from one location. Data driven dashboards and reports can help you make fast informed decisions that will help in achieving your end targets.


SharePoint Content Management System

We provide customized content management solutions in SharePoint that make managing all kinds of content easy. With this solution, you can make the interaction between your website and everyday users so much better. Content organization, record management, and metadata oriented navigation are some of the ways you can streamline content management with our SharePoint CMS Solutions. If revolutionizing your content management is what you have in mind then SharePoint is the answer!

Our SharePoint Development Services


SharePoint Consulting

We help businesses realize their needs and how they can make the best of all that is offered by SharePoint. We can help your organization determine its low points and how can you fix them with the ever-improving technology of SharePoint. We offer SharePoint consulting to all kinds of industries as per their business requirements since every industry has its own set of requirements from a service provider.


SharePoint Development

Our team of SharePoint developers pays special attention to your business's specific needs. We develop a system where your website and employees can work together with customized features in a well-managed manner. Not only can we automate business operations but also give you custom options with SharePoint based apps that are easy to navigate.


SharePoint Data Migration

Data migration from third-party to SharePoint can turn disastrous if not handled with precision. We offer SharePoint data migration services by experts who make sure that your data is secured at all phases of transfer and is updated to the latest versions of SharePoint.


SharePoint Integration

Want to explore the full potential of SharePoint services? We offer SharePoint integration services that help integrate your SharePoint with other software for interoperability and successful collaboration. From CRM integration to BI integration, we offer all kinds of integration services so you can use SharePoint well with your existing systems.


SharePoint Customization

Every business is unique and so are its needs. We understand that which is why we offer SharePoint customization solutions where you can tell us your needs so we can build a system with customized individual features. Custom templates, SharePoint based app development, and custom data management solutions are some of the perks you get with us.


SharePoint Support

We offer reliable support and maintenance services for your SharePoint to make sure that you have an ecosystem where everything is working in desired order and operations are smooth as needed. Post development technical support, regular maintenance, and user training assistance are support services you receive with us.

Why Do You Need SharePoint ?

SharePoint can completely change the way your business works. It can prove to be an amazing tool in making information sharing and interoperability better in every way. It can offer secure content flow and management along with reduced costs for your business.

  • Consistent user experience

  • Access to business data

  • Speed up business process

  • Provide integrated platform

  • Enhanced security

  • Empower decision-making

  • Effortless collaboration

  • Cost saving

  • Better productivity

  • Highly scalable

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